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These tie in with our vision of enabling and empowering children with physical and mental challenges to reach their full potential.

1. Able Bodied Children for Disabled Bodied Children

The aim of the Programme is to expose and educate junior and high school learners to the world of physically and mentally disabled children. Ambassadors of the ABC4DBC programme are encouraged to champion the cause of Disabled Bodied Children.

2. The Beaning Hope to Children Project
The Beaning Hope to Children Project

This is a community initiative consisting of a group of retired ladies who knit beanies for a creative cause. The ‘Beaners’ knit during the summer and beanies are then distributed by Ambassadors to grateful recipients during winter.

3. Schools of Hope
Schools of Hope

The Foundation partners with special needs schools within the city to assist in resourcing them to enable and empower disabled children reach their full potential.

4. Asimbonanga

Our initiative with Shamwari to expose and educate disabled children to nature and nature conservation.

5. Disability Awareness Walk
Disability Awareness Wal

Able-Bodied Children join hands with disabled children to raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by children with physical and mental disabilities by participating in a local walk.

6. Wonders of Water
Wonders of Water

This is our weekly hydrotherapy group, staffed by volunteers, which presents a fun exercise programme for disabled children.

7. Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel

Refreshing, resourcing and re–igniting special needs teachers and their assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech therapists working with disabled children within our city.